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Music Behind the Story with Naching T. Kassa and friends

Greetings Rock 'n' Rollers! Release day for Brains and Brawn was yesterday and THANK YOU for helping to make it great! I'll be at the Divas Book Lounge tonight if you want to hang out as well. But today I'd like to share with you the first of two posts featuring a romance collection called Inspired. All of the songs guessed it...inspired by music. What better collection to feature here on the Rock 'n' Romance blog? Here's a post from Naching T. Kassa, who some of you may recall from Dark Divinations and

**Read Free Excerpt Below**

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. ― Plato

Take a journey through five melody-infused worlds where music inspires love to bloom.

“Tempo of Temptation” by Lela Bay / Regency Perhaps it is best that Mr. Leon doesn’t recall Petra's mortifying declaration of love. Could their intense attraction during an impromptu midnight concert inspire her to risk her heart again?

“Contact High” by Emmy Z. Madrigal / New Adult

Raul’s addiction is just another symptom of the hard life he’s been dealt but when Victoria sings, his troubles fade into the background. Can her music inspire him to get clean?

“Her Immortal Beloved” by M.M. Genet / Historical

Beethoven’s plan is to write the ultimate love song that transcends all time for his beloved. Will the woman of his heart let his music inspire her?

“Rick Prince and the Manhattan Muse” by Naching T. Kassa / Steamy

Heart-broken musician, Rick Prince, is inspired by the beautiful single-mother, Zella. He has no idea she holds a secret from his past which may tear them apart.

“Love Comes to Kenneth’s Valley” by Kate Nox / Inspirational

Grayson Greer motivates his congregation through music, but after the death of his wife, the pastime is shrouded in pain. Can Rachel’s love inspire him to move on?


**Read Free Excerpt Below**

“Rick Prince and the Manhattan Muse”

by Naching T. Kassa

Bright sunshine streamed through the windows and the open door which led to the balcony. It gilded the piano in the corner and the strings of the acoustic guitars leaning against the walls. Blinking against the light, head pounding, Rick made for the cord which controlled the blinds. Halfway there, he stopped.

His Fender Stratocaster lay on the beat-up sofa, along with a small amp. He set his bottle on the nearby end table and picked the guitar up. The worn strap went over his head and he held the instrument to his body as he strummed a few chords, tuning until the instrument reached his desired sound.

He played his first song, the one Dinah loved, fingers moving over the strings without effort. The music evoked an image of her. She smiled and laughed. Just as she had the last time he’d seen her. The time she’d been rolling around in bed with Gabe, his best friend.

Morty was right. Music had eluded Rick ever since the break-up. His signature sound had become dry and dead. Rick tore the guitar strap off and threw the Fender to the floor.

“Hey!” a woman’s voice called. “Don’t stop.”

Rick looked outside.

A woman stood on the balcony of the townhouse across the alley, her long, dark hair waving in the breeze. She leaned on the white railing with the grace of a dancer. Her smile dazzled.

“Don’t stop now,” she said. “I love that song.”

Rick stooped and picked up the Stratocaster. He limped out onto the balcony.

“Thanks. I wrote it.”

“I thought so. You’re Rick Prince. My agent told me you lived here when we bought the house.”

“Agent? Are you a musician?”

She giggled. Even ten feet away, he could see the dimple in her right cheek.

“I meant my real estate agent. We moved in last week. My name is Zella.”

“Rick Prince. Crap. You already know that.”

She giggled again, the sound bubbling out of her. Rick cracked a smile.

God, she’s beautiful.

“I’m glad to know you, Rick,” she said. “You’re the first neighbor I’ve met.”

“I’ll be the only neighbor too. Most of the people who live in this community are musicians. They’re on tour.”

“That explains a lot. Why are you here?”

“I’m in purgatory.”


“I’m writing. Having a bit of a dry spell.”

“That’s too bad. I’ve always loved your songs.”

“You a big fan of the band?”

“Not really.”

“You’re not a fan of The Royals?”

“They all seem so full of themselves. I swear, if your lead singer had any more hot air in that big head of his, he’d float right off the stage.”

Rick laughed. “That’s Tony alright. Can’t argue that.”

“And your drummer, Gabe…” Her smile faltered. “Gabe is just a jerk.”

“That’s two things we agree on. Weird. We have nothing to argue about.”

The woman giggled again.

Rick gazed into her warm, brown eyes. For a moment, she seemed so familiar.

Had they met before?

“Mommy!” a girl’s voice screeched.

A boy and a girl, about kindergarten age, rushed out onto the balcony. The boy, dressed in a blue tank top and shorts, scowled as he pursued the girl clad in pink. She screamed when she reached her mother.

“Mommy, Richie’s gonna hit me!”

“She broke my car!” the boy cried.

“Hey, hey, hey! Settle down, you two! I told you to play nice.” Zella lifted the girl, who clutched at her mother and peered over her shoulder at Rick. Her eyes widened.

“It’s him!” she cried, pointing. “Richie, look!”

The boy glanced up. Both children stared at Rick.

“Mommy, it’s him!” the boy cried.

“Shh, Richie,” Zella said. “I told you. We don’t want to bother the nice man.”

“Are these your kids?” Rick asked.

“Yes,” Zella said. “They’re mine.”

Both children favored their mother in looks, but neither had brown eyes. Both held Rick in a sea-green gaze.

“Hi,” the boy said.

Rick waved. “Hi.”

“Say hello, Lily,” Zella said.

The girl twisted a braid around in her fingers, then pointed to her brother. “He’s named after you.”

A pink flush crept over Zella’s face.

“Ok, you two, go on,” she said, setting the girl down and shooing them through the balcony door. “I’ll make you both lunch in a minute.”

The children continued to stare at Rick as they retreated.

“Sorry about that,” Zella said. “They’re five. They get excited.”


She nodded.

Rick’s eyes drifted to Zella’s left hand, where a gold ring gleamed. His heart grew heavy in his chest.

She belongs to someone else.


I'll be back with more Inspired this week. In the meantime, Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance...

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