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The Haunted Series 

Contemporary Rock 'n' Romance

Fall in love with the boys from Houma, Louisiana.


Maggie's Bones sits on top of the metalcore throne. They've risen to the top of their rock genre and are destined for greatness when tragedy strikes. 


In Haunted Maggie's Bones must deal with the loss of their manager and best friend with the help of a shy tattoo artist. They hire her to stay with them in the French Quarter while they work on their new album and grieve their loss.



In Fated, their story continues as they return to Los Angeles, the scene of their tragedy, with a new perspective. Bass player Mage takes special interest in the lovely rock journalist who comes to chronicle the return of the metalcore kings. 



Bated is an ongoing collection of stories told in the perspective of front man Marcus Lambert and begins before Haunted. The stories will overlap with action from the other stories as they continue. 






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