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Sundowners: M/M Vampire Paranormal Romance


Vampire Creed Lowell drifts from town to town working with the elderly as a night nurse and looking to avenge his harrowing past. His youth and vitality make him a favorite of his patients and his gifts bring them peace. At long last he's arrived in the place where he hopes to find the truth about those who betrayed him…but first he finds an unexpected love with a man who might understand him—or end him. 


Grad student Roman San Angelo is struggling to handle his courses, teaching schedule, and research for his dissertation on an obscure cult. He spends every spare moment with his beloved yet demanding grandmother Frances who's recently moved to an assisted living facility—and he's fascinated by her night nurse, who is able to bring out the inner light which had faded during her battle with dementia. Something about Creed doesn't add up, however, Roman finds himself fighting an undeniable attraction. His concerns multiply when Roman discovers a connection between Creed and a bizarre series of vampire-wannabe assaults in the area. A moment of weakness leads to a night of passion between them, and the promise of something more, and yet Roman can't shake his concern that Creed is not what he seems. 


Creed knows better than to bring a mortal into his world, even one who could help him find the link between the pack of violent vampires preying on the people of Santa Cruz and Creed's past. When he discovers Creed's secret, Roman is ready to step outside his comfort zone and accept everything a life with a vampire entails, and when Creed disappears, Roman will go to the ends of the earth to find the man who brought the light back to his grandmother and the warmth back to his own heart. 

*For mature audiences for sexual content and violence.

*Links to Gifted Series 

Gifted Series 


WANTED: Counselor for child trauma victims at scenic boarding school in northern Arkansas. Must have an open mind, be flexible, and be ready to travel at a moment's notice. Patience, extreme vigilance, and discretion required. Generous compensation guaranteed

Veteran teacher and counselor Delaney Frost accepts a job at Havenhart Academy and soon learns that not only are her new charges “gifted”—but that within her resides a power so rare and precious it can be used to heal others. When danger arrives at the academy gates, Delaney and her mysterious, yet alluring boss will fight to protect the children from a megalomaniac out for revenge and the destruction of all she holds dear.

Welcome to Havenhart Academy.

Audiobook Coming Soon

Book2_Connection_eBook (2).jpg

Now In Audio

Retired Army Captain Jackson Howe views his ability to "connect" with others as invasive and inconvenient, but he deals with it by only using his power to help others. He's found purpose at Havenhart Academy using art therapy with child victims of trauma and his friends have embraced him and his quirky behavior, but after meeting Delaney's friend Cassidy—and developing a stronger than usual "connection" with her—he fears he's destined to forever be on the outside looking in.

But when Cassidy's link to Havenhart makes her a target and the plane she's flying is hijacked, she's forced to crashland in the Florida Everglades and becomes a pawn in the struggle between good and evil. Jackson will call on his training—and special skills—to save her from an enemy determined to spread evil and hurt those Jackson holds dear.

Follow the continuing saga of Havenhart Academy in Book Two of the Gifted Series.


The Minded Stories

UPLOAD 2D2 MMU June 2019- Merrill- Shift


The idea for my paranormal titles began with Haunted. I always wondered what happened to Maggie after she died. The Minded series are tales from the afterlife, starting with Maggie and Louis and the tasks they must complete before she can move on. Minded tales featuring Maggie and Louis will continue! Check out the crossover novel Shifted in the Magic and Mayhem Universe! 


Blossomed continues their tale and introduces us to Justin Rivers, a brain-injured musician who receives a second chance at life and love in the form of a woman born from the waters of the San Francisco Bay on Samhain. Love, hope and puppies ensue. Justin and Charlotte, as well as Blossom and her puppies, will return in Spring 2018 for another Autism Awareness event. 


Father F'in' Christmas is in a sense a prequel of Minded. Here we see a pre-Maggie Louis in his earlier days as an Intervention Specialist. He is tasked with helping a drunk, deceased fireman with Death Denial Syndrome mind his widow. With the help of a gargoyle and a grumpy alley cat, they'll perform one helluva friggin Christmas miracle. 

In A Peculiar Prom Night, siblings and veteran teachers Ramona and Ruben Gilman must face an otherworldly presence to protect their kids...all while trying to connect with their love interests and keep their family secret under wraps. 


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Historical Horror Romance set in the American West

The Absolution of Jonah Bane.jpg

The Banes of Lake’s Crossing - Origins

The Biggest Little City in the World was founded on a lie. History tells us that the city called Reno, Nevada, was founded as a gambling haven for silver miners and later the divorce capital. But it goes deeper than that. It goes as deep as the lines from which the silver came. In 1860, four brothers tunneled beneath the surface, looking to find the next Comstock Lode. They left their families behind in search of the valuable metals being brought forth from the Earth in order to do the Lord’s work. 
Legend has it that the four men who went down into the Earth as good, solid Christian men returned as something more sinister, their good intentions abandoned. They became possessed by a force more evil than could be imagined, and their hold on the residents of what was known then as Lake’s Crossing allowed them to gain unfathomable powers.

The Fourth Man by R.L. Merrill

Lake’s Crossing was a fairly new settlement in 1862, but Julianna Monroe had already seen the worst of humanity cross their bridge seeking shelter. One blustery fall night, four well-dressed men enter her family’s inn, and she immediately senses their otherness. Despite her concerns for self-preservation, she is drawn to the fourth man. Quiet, brooding, and different from his elder brothers, Julianna is intrigued by Jonah and soon realizes it is time to choose a husband before the choice is made for her.  But when the elder Bane brothers threaten her safety, will Jonah be strong enough to stand up to them and protect her? Or will she become yet another victim of the Banes’ evil influence? 


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The Redemption of Nathaniel Bane by R.L. Merrill 


In 1860, Nathaniel Bane and his brothers dug deep into the earth on a mission from God, searching for a cache of silver to help fund their new religious civilization. What they found altered them forever and set off a chain of events that changed the course of Nevada's history.

Nearly twenty years later, the constant hunger and restlessness has made Nathaniel desperate for relief. A chance encounter in the desert and a meeting with an incredibly powerful holy man will set Nathaniel on a path to redemption—a journey filled with love, blood, and revenge.

Will Nathaniel find peace with his soul’s mate, or is he destined to walk the earth alone?


Youngest brother Jonah ran from that evil and has been in exile under an alias for nearly 70 years. He spends his existence as Jimmy Manwaring, playing piano nightly to the rough-and-tumble saloon crowd in Fort Bragg, California, with the final words of his beloved deceased wife constantly on his mind.

“When hope comes, you must protect them.”

An act of violence thrusts barmaid Hope Johnson, her unborn twins, and her lover, Bonnie, into his world, and he swears to protect them, but not even one with the power of Sight could predict the series of events that threaten their safety. Will Jonah receive the absolution he seeks, or will his new family suffer for the sins of the Bane brothers? 

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