Welcome to the Magic and Mayhem Universe! 

I'm super grateful to Robyn Peterman for inviting me to play in her sandbox! I brought Maggie and Louis along for the first book, Shifted. Book two—Ghoul Me Once—is out October 21 and I can't wait for you to follow the adventures of Garrett and Layla and all of their friends in the Bayou of Terrebonne Parish! Check out the books, and then check out all of the other amazing books in the latest Blast-Off! 

Maggie and Louis, Intervention Specialists from the Afterlife, are used to the unusual—or so they think—but a 500lbs alligator on the run, a mute witch with wonky magic, and a vulgar, talking cat are more than they bargained for. Welcome to Assjacket, West Virginia.

The Magic and Mayhem continue as Garrett and Layla, along with their allies from Assjacket, return to the Bayou in a new Shifted adventure...

And be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Magic and Mayhem Universe! 

Come Play With Me

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