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I'm super grateful to Robyn Peterman for inviting me to play in her sandbox! I brought Maggie and Louis (The Minded Stories) along for the first book, Shifted. Book two—Ghoul Me Once—was released in 2019, and I can't wait for you to follow the adventures of Garrett and Layla and all of their friends in the Bayou of Terrebonne Parish in Book Three: Gator Me Twice! Check out the books, and then check out all of the other amazing books in the latest Blast-Off! Be sure to visit www.magicandmayhemuniverse.com for all the latest news!

Shifted Book One
Ghoul Me Once Shifted Book Two
Gator Me Twice Shifted Book Three
Fang Me Three Times
The Miscreants #1
Out October 26, 2020
UPLOAD 2D2 MMU June 2019- Merrill- Shift
UPLOAD D2D COVER - Merrill RL - Ghoul Me
D2D UPLOAD COVER- Merrill RL - Gator Me
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Maggie and Louis, Intervention Specialists from the Afterlife, are used to the unusual—or so they think—but a 500lbs alligator on the run, a mute witch with wonky magic, and a vulgar, talking cat are more than they bargained for. Welcome to Assjacket, West Virginia.

When an injured Shifter is found with a strange bite, and Garrett's childhood best friend shows up unexpectedly, Garrett is forced to put his bonding on hold to face challenges he never saw coming. These witches and Shifters will have to work together and try to ignore their hopped-up hormones in order to rebuild their struggling congregation and survive a powerful foe who threatens them all.


Newly-mated Layla and Garrett have been busy in the Bayou strengthening their congregation of Shifters. They are finally ready to get busy and start a family of their own when Baba Yaga pops in with a dire warning. A magical storm is brewing, and when it causes a cross-species communication breakdown, the alpha and his water witch mate will face ghosts from the past and a childhood nightmare come to life. Bring on the babies, bad jokes, and boogiemen in this third Shifted story in the Magic and Mayhem Universe.

Cursed witch Wilma Wetter is proud to represent her magical Germanic ancestors as a weather forecaster, even if it means taking a job in a town called Assjacket, West Virginia. While tracking the weather before an historic lunar eclipse, she and her trusty camerawoman Jules come across three ridiculously attractive rock stars wandering in the woods. 


Gustavo "Gus Valens" Valenzuela comes from a rock 'n' roll family and has been living the dream since joining his cousins in forming The Miscreants, but a hazy meeting with insistent groupies leaves The Miscreants forever changed. And hungry. 

Gus holds the key to awakening Wilma's latent powers, held in check by an ancient family curse. Can he help her break it without changing her life forever? And would change necessarily be a bad thing? 

And be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Magic and Mayhem Universe! 


And check out the other books in the October 2020 Blast Off!

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