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Summer of Hush

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Summer of Hush:

Summer of Hush Book ONE


Hush is back… and it’s about to get loud.

After two years grieving the death of his best friend, Silas Franklin is back on the road with his metalcore band, Hush. With a new member, a brilliant new album, and a headlining spot on the last cross-country Warped Tour, life couldn’t be better—unless Silas could meet the intriguing music blogger known only as the Guru. Silas has followed his blog for years and feels the Guru might be the only person who “gets” him.

For years Krishnan Guruvayoor has reported on the metal scene as an anonymous blogger, and he’s just landed an internship on the Warped Tour as well as a potential position with a well-respected music magazine. His best friend arranges for him to meet singer Silas Franklin—but only as Krish the Intern. Their chemistry is instant, and Krish is thrilled to get to know the man behind the music.

The rock star and blogger quickly go from meet-cute to cuddle session, but secrets, overprotective bandmates, meddling media, and a terrible accident all conspire against them. Can their romance survive the summer of Hush?

Follow along with the Summer of Hush Playlist on Spotify:

Brains and Brawn: Summer of Hush Book Two
Pre-order Available Now - Out 8/24/20

A rock star with a secret is injured in a freak accident. A single-dad Navy corpsman comes to his aide. Neither expected romance to bloom, but now that it has, will their secrets end it before it begins?


Billy “Brains” Brennan has achieved rock stardom in not just one, but two chart-topping bands, but events from his past have him convinced he’s living on borrowed time. Brains and his brothers-in-Hush are ready to take the last cross-country Warped Tour by storm...until the actions of two drunk dudes with bad attitudes set off a chain of events that leave him incapacitated...and face-to-face with a handsome stranger who inexplicably feels like home—and not the home Brains fled at sixteen. 


Chief Petty Officer Paul McNally has spent his 25-year career as a Navy Corpsman responding to emergencies and caring for wounded soldiers. When fate has him in the right place to provide aid to a fallen rock star, it sends his life spiraling on a trajectory he never planned for. Instead of concentrating on his impending retirement and a second career, he’s now playing nursemaid to a fascinating younger man…and falling in love—a fact he can’t seem to figure out how to explain to his adult son. 


A health scare, band drama, and pain from both their pasts threaten to end Brains and Paul’s fledgling relationship. Fate brought them together. It will take trust, honesty, and hope to keep them together. 


Follow the playlist on Spotify:

The Summer of Hush Blog Tour!

Huge thanks to Other Worlds Ink for setting up this fantastic blog tour and thank you to fellow authors who spotlighted the book. Follow the posts and read about the backstory and inspiration that went into this new series. 

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The Brains and Brawn Blog Tour dates and links will be listed below.

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Welcome to the Summer of Hush! Here are some pictures and links that were inspirational to me in writing this series. Enjoy! 

This movie gives a fantastic look at what the bands and support staff experience during a summer of Warped. 

Huge thanks to my favorite DJ from Octane on SiriusXM The Metal Ambassador Jose Mangin for this killer shoutout for the book!

Festival founder Kevin Lyman talks about brands, bands, and what goes into the greatest lifestyle music festival around. 

Escape the Fate is one of my inspirations for the band Hush. I found this hilarious video about life on the tour bus. Which member of the band is going to be "stinky clothes?"

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