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Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to the world of Rock 'N' Romance! I'm a mom, teacher, and music enthusiast who is passionate about kids, critters, and making the world a better place. I love writing stories full of love, hope, and rock 'n' roll where folks from all walks of life will find their happily ever after. I write contemporary and paranormal romance, historical, and horror stories with quirky characters, real-life issues, and awkward interludes. If you dig stories that will simultaneously make you laugh and awwww, then this is the place for you! Check out the books, join the mailing list, or drop me a line. I love interacting with readers and music lovers.


I've been self-published since 2014. I joined the Dreamspinner Press family from 2017 to 2020, and in 2019 I blasted off with the Magic and Mayhem Universe with author Robyn Peterman. My novel Hurricane Reese won the Kathryn Hayes "When Sparks Fly" contest for Best Contemporary Romance. I'm so grateful to the RWA-NYC chapter for their support. Typhoon Toby, Summer of Hush, and Brains and Brawn were all contest finalists as well. I appreciate all of the support it took to make them the best books they could be!

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently live with two teens, two cats, a dog, a snake, a crested gecko, a bunch of fish, and the most patient husband on the planet. I teach virtual middle school by day, and by night I'm a guerilla writer who can be found penning passionate stories anywhere I am warm and dry and they have a steady supply of Diet Coke and chocolate.

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Latest Releases: 

April 26 - Magic and Mayhem Collection: Shifted

May - Haunts and Hellions

May - Re-release of Rock 'N' Romance Stories

June - Love Is All Volume 4

September 13 - A Match Made in Spain by Rochelle Merrill

October - Magic and Mayhem Universe 

October - Wicked Intentions

November - Holiday Novella

2022 - Connection - Gifted Book Two

And Stay Tuned for More Rock 'n' Romance... 

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