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Here is a complete list of

Ro's Published Works and

Upcoming Releases. You can find them all on BookBub.

M/F Contemporary Romance

Haunted Series:




Jaded – (Coming Soon)


Hollywood Rock ‘n’ Romance Trilogy: 


Teacher: Act Two

Teacher: The Final Act


Contemporary Romance Series:

The Rock Season

Road Trip

You Fell First

The Heart Knows (Re-Release 2022)

A Match Made in Spain 


M/F Paranormal Romance Series

Minded Series: (Paranormal Spinoff of Haunted Series)



Father F’in’ Christmas

A Peculiar Prom Night


Magic and Mayhem Universe: (Funny Paranormal Romance in the universe created by Robyn Peterman)


Ghoul Me Once

Gator Me Twice

Fang Me Three Times

Fangtastic Four

Next Installment October 2022


Gifted Series: (Supernatural Suspense)


Connection (April 5, 2022)



M/F Horror

(FREE on

Friday, October 13, 1978

Friday, October 13, 1967


M/F Horror Anthology Stories 

The Fourth Man (The Banes of Lake’s Crossing) (Historical Horror Romance)

A Piece of Him (Gone With The Dead) (Horror)

Breaking Bread—Dark Divinations from Press (Horror)


LGBTQ Romance

Pinups and Puppies (Originally in Love Is All Vol. 2)

I Want, More – Bolder Breed Studios #1 (Originally in Love Is All Vol. 3

Love and Pride - Bolder Breed Studios #2 (Love Is All Vol. 4)

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire (Coming June 2022 Love Is All Vol. 5)

Everything's Better With You: A MM Sports Romance


Forces of Nature Series: (Gay Contemporary Romance)

Hurricane Reese

Typhoon Toby

Earthquake Ethan (Coming Soon)


Summer of Hush Series: (Gay Contemporary Romance)

Summer of Hush

Brains and Brawn

Book Three (Coming Soon)


LGBTQ Horror

The Redemption of Nathaniel Bane 

A Kept Woman (BAQWA PRESENTS: Horror Show 2021)

Strange Things Happen Every Day (Available on Kindle Vella)


LGBTQ Anthology Stories

Thanksgiving Day Parade From Hell (Worst Holiday Ever) (Gay Contemporary Romance

Valentine’s Day From Hell (Worst Valentine’s Day Ever) (Gay Contemporary Romance)

Salty and Sweet (Summer Fair) (Lesbian Contemporary Romance)

Exchange (Renewal) (Science Fiction)

Tap-Tap-Tap (Impact) (Horror)

Human Sacrifice (Innovation) (Horror)

Joy Is A Phone Call Away (A More Perfect Union) (Lesbian Contemporary Romance)

The House Must Fall  (Haunts and Hellions from Press) (Horror)


LGBTQ Holiday Romance

A Peace Offering

Love and Pride: Bolder Breed Studios #2

Thank you for reading!

Stay Tuned for more

Rock 'n' Romance...

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MMU Oct 202 Release - Merrill - Series G
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