HORROR has always been my favorite genre. I love horror flicks, books, and music inspired by horror! I've recently started writing a music review blog for HorrorAddicts.net and was featured in their Dark Divinations: Victorian Horror anthology (May 2020) and I intend to write more! For now, here's a link to a short story I wrote for Friday the 13th last October. I'll also be releasing a horror romance novella I  wrote for guests of the Booklovers Convention (which was postponed until August 2020 due to COVID-19)  soon so Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' HORROR Romance... 

Step back in time to 1978 - when the music was groovy, bell-bottoms reigned supreme, and Creature Features titillated young and old alike with films featuring horror and suspense.

Kelly Young and her two best friends have been tasked with babysitting while their parents are out for a long evening. One of the kids sleepwalks, the other two are disco-obsessed, and next door, her best friend/crush is having a party. Would it be so terrible if she went over for just a little while?

On Friday, October 13th, these teenagers will experience terror when one of them goes missing. And to get her back, they'll travel to a forbidden place where pure evil thrives. 

Eleanor Caine knew better than to walk alone at night...

Join Eleanor and her friends in 1967 Berkeley, California for a night where painful lessons are learned, alliances are forged, and a full moon unleashes supernatural wonder. 

Come Play With Me

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