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Music Behind The Story with Kim Fielding!

Greetings and salutations rock 'n' rollers! My pal Kim Fielding is here with us today to talk about the music behind her story Rattlesnake but first I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my form in my last newsletter. I'll be adding some of the goodies you all mentioned you wanted to see in my next one.

I wanted to give a couple of updates real quick: If you haven't picked up your free copy of The Rock Season, this giveaway is open for just a few more days. Also, the Love Is All Volume 3 anthology will be going away FOREVER at the end of August. Pick up your copy today and fall in love with Leland and Morrison of Bolder Breed Studios. More will be coming from this world for the holidays. And now...Let's hear from Kim about the music behind her story!

Rattlesnake by Kim Fielding

I don’t always listen to music while I write. I do most of my work at the kitchen table, with my family circling around me, the TV blaring nearby, and the cat stopping by to help me type. That’s often more than enough to distract me. But sometimes I really need music to get me in the right mood for a particular story or to help set the mood for a particular scene. I have pretty broad taste in music, but sometimes stories lead me to listen to things outside my usual playlist, and that can be a lot of fun.

One example of this is my novel Rattlesnake, a romance between a 40-something drifter and a 30-something bartender in a former gold rush town. The location is almost a character itself—the book title is also the name of the town—and it really helped direct my musical choices. There’s a lot more old-school country than my usual here, but who can resist Johnny Cash?

1. King of the Road by Roger Miller

2. I’ve Been Everywhere (I especially like Chris Isaak performing this one live with his brother)

3. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 (because it fits my drifter and because it’s from The Joshua Tree—and my story begins in the Mojave)

4. Streets of Bakersfield by Buck Owens

5. The Letter (I like Joe Cocker’s version)

6. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

7. Theme from Bonanza

8. Should’ve Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith

9. Blood on the Saddle by Tex Ritter (I loved belting this song out when I was 6 or 7, much to my mother’s dismay)

10. Fever by Peggy Lee

11. Honky-Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones

12. Come As You Are by Nirvana

13. Crazy by Patsy Cline

14. I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash

15. Lie to Me by The Pretenders

16. I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash (reprise)

You can get Rattlesnake at any bookseller, including Amazon. Or if you want a real treat, put the playlist on low and listen to K.C. Kelly’s perfection narration of the book.

Thanks so much to Kim for joining us today and congrats on Rattlesnake being a bestseller!

The world of Rock 'n' Romance continues with the Summer of Hush as Brains and Brawn is releasing next week! The blog tour will start Monday the 24th and I've listed all of the stops on my website. You can also check out my latest music blog on featuring Ice Nine Kills at the Stanley Hotel!

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance...

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