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Friendy Friday with Renee George

Greetings friends! It's been a way long time for Friendy Friday because OMG LIFE! Can we just put on the breaks??? I've been DYING to share this witchy interview Renee did for the Magic and Mayhem Universe launch in JUNE! It's July! What the heck? I've had the trip to Washington D.C., I've driven my children all over the place, I've been under the weather, I've been over the weather (too damn hot!), I've seen Santana and The Doobie Brothers...and I've been writing the next book in the wacky world I created in Shifted! Total insanity! And my bestest cousin Lisa came out and we did the touristy thing PLUS we took an old folks' tap class and I'm hooked. I need to find a class and start going again. I was the youngest one there (didn't know until afterwards that it was for 50 and over hahaha!) If you're a member of Ro's Roadies of Romance you can catch some not-professional video of my class. I'm telling you, since I first wrote Jesse in teacher, I've been DYING to get back into some tap shoes, and then after Typhoon Toby I've been jonesin'. But enough of me, now let's read about Renee George!

Renee has been a hero of mine for years and such a huge inspiration and mentor to me. Plus, she gives killer hugs and looks PHENOMENAL in leather pants. Her book in this most recent launch of the Magic and Mayhem Universe is Oops, I Hexed It Again! Her brand of paranormal is hot, action packed, and laugh-your-ass-off funny. So without further ado, I present the Witchy Interview with Renee George!

1. What is your name and the witchiest thing about you?

Renee George - The witchest thing about me is the wart on my butt (kidding!).

2. What element is strongest in your magic/writing process?


3. When did you know you had a knack for writing wild 'n' witchy tales?

When I wrote my first book in Robyn's world, based loosely on my witchy life, of course.

4. Which witch/author do you admire most of all?

Robyn Peterman

5. If you visited Assjacket, who do you think would be your instant BFF?

Wanda! I love that raccoon.

6. Do you have a familiar? Or plural?

Yes. Four of those tricky critters.

7. What is your familiar's most annoying habit?

Kona whines for treats. Josie pees and poops in house (regularly). Simon knocks over his food and water dishes. Ash...well, there's nothing annoying about Ash.

8. If you could call on any sort of magic and have whatever you desired for a single evening...what would it be?

I would have my next twenty books write themselves. Haha!

9. What magical feat/story are you most proud of creating?

I love all of them for different reasons. The Hex Drive series, though, I am really proud of the unique characters, the kick ass action, the smexy times, and the awesome titles.

10. What is your witchy author theme song? Links appreciated.

RuPaul Sissy That Walk

11. Who is the most swoonworthy book boyfriend in either your series or one you've read?

Both Cas and Monty are equally swoon and drool worthy!

Renee even has a freebie out right now! Check out this giveaway for all of your paranormal romance needs!

You can also find Renee at all of these places:

Join Renee's Rebel Readers (Facebook Group): Like "Renee George, Author" fan page: Follow Renee on Twitter: @reneegeorge2008 Website: Instagram: author_renee_george

(Renee's Familiars:

Ash is female gray cat.

Simon is orange and white cat

Josie is beagle

Kona is pibble.)

I PROMISE I'll be getting Friendy Friday back on the regular. I've got some great authors coming up that I can't wait to share with you, both m/m, m/f, contemporary, paranormal, sci fi!!! All kinds! I'm also going to be posting a Merrill's Musings soon because DUDE! The next two weeks I've got FOUR CONCERTS! I can't even, I'm so excited. I need the recharging desperately. So, as always Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance...

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