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Friendy Friday is BACK with Robyn Peterman!

Hey Rockers! The Rock 'n' Romance blog is BACK after a month of strike-induced insanity and boy oh boy have I got some fantastic news for you! Paranormal fans, I'm so stinkin' excited to bring you this witchin' rad interview with the one and only Robyn Peterman!!! YES! I humbly accepted her invitation to play in her Magic and Mayhem sandbox and MAN did I have fun! So without further ado, let me share her witchy interview with you, tell you a little about the newest books in her Magic and Mayhem Universe collection (including my little story Shifted!) and give you so many freakin' stories to catch up on your kindle's liable to explode!

But first, Her Witchesty, Robyn....

1. What is your name and the witchiest thing about you?

The witchiest thing about me is... umm... every third Friday I ride my broom through the neighborhood. I've been ticketed twice for speeding. And of course, my magic wand. However, if you ask my kids they would say by the way I catch them doing stuff with the eyes in the back of my head.

2.What element is strongest in your magic/writing process?

Coke in a Yeti cup with rabbit turd ice.

3. When did you know you had a knack for writing wild 'n' witchy tales?

Honestly, I didn't know. LOL I just adore witches and gave it a shot. The fact that readers buy and enjoy them ROCKS HARD.

4. Which witch/author do you admire most of all?

All of the fabulous women who write in my Magic and Mayhem Universe!

5. If you visited Assjacket, who do you think would be your instant BFF?

Zelda... since we're quite similar. LOL

6. Do you have a familiar? Or plural? If so, can we see pictures?

I do. Kurt the Bastard, Donna the Destroyer, Karen the Chair Eater, Zelda the Queen of the World in her OWN Mind, Fabio Kitty and Marta Kitty.

7. What is your familiar's most annoying habit?

Ball licking.

8. If you could call on any sort of magic and have whatever you desired for a single evening...what would it be?

I would want 4 magical brooms to fly through the stars with my hubby and kids.

9. What magical feat/story are you most proud of creating?

I am wildly proud of the Magic and Mayhem Series that the Magic and Mayhem Universe is based on.

10. What is your witchy author theme song?

Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies

11. Who is the most swoonworthy book boyfriend in either your series or one you've read?

I'm quite fond of Ethan, Mac and Satan. LOL

You can find Robyn and all of her magical books on her website and Amazon! You can also visit the Series Page for Magic and Mayhem to see where this universe all began! After that, you won't be able to stop yourself from stalking her in all the places because she's just a damn fine beacon of light in a dark world. You won't be able to resist the pull, and you shouldn't. I can attest that my days are much better with a dose of Robyn. Find her on Facebook, Bookbub, Twitter and sign up for her newsletter here.

I'm so excited to be joining the Magic and Mayhem Universe with the continuing tales of Maggie and Louis, Intervention Specialists in the Afterlife! You may have met them back in Minded, Blossomed or the prequel to the series, Father F'in' Christmas, and all of those books are now available EVERYWHERE! Well, as close to everywhere as I can get! Maggie and Louis have already proved they can get up to some hijinks, so when the opportunity comes to visit Assjacket, West Virginia, Louis can't wait to introduce Maggie to the magical world. Want to know more about Shifted as well as the rest of the books in the blast off scheduled for June 24th? Come visit our series page! There are a plethora of phenomenal authors including my good pals Renee George, who's been featured on the Rock 'n' Romance Blog before, and Julia Mills, who those who've been around for awhile might recall was in the Wicked Gods Unleashed anthology with me a couple of years ago! I've already one-clicked these babies pictured above and I can't wait to read them all! It's so cool reading how others managed to insert themselves into the universe Robyn created and I'm stoked to be a part of this!

I hope you'll preorder your copy of Shifted today!

IN OTHER NEWS!!! Love Is All Volume II dropped on June 11th, just in time for Pride, and I'm super excited to share my f/f contemporary romance Pinups and Puppies with you! I'll be sending out a newsletter on Sunday with an excerpt from the story so if you haven't, please sign up for my newsletter-y thingie here at and be sure to get all the goods! I have so many exciting things coming up in the next few months including my next Dreamspinner Release, Summer of Hush, and a holiday story for the Dreamspinner Advent collection! So, as always, Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance...

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