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Friendy Friday with Gayle Parness

Gayle Parness is an amazing woman I've had the chance to get to know over the past year and I'm thrilled to have her on the blog gig today! Gayle is an author of Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy and is also the president of the Silicon Valley Romance Writers of America. We spent a glorious weekend together in Fort Bragg where we took long walks, dined, and stayed up late into the evenings talking and laughing and she told me all about her fantasy world. This new series looks very exciting as well and I look forward to reading it as soon as possible!!!

Gayle was brave enough to take on the World's Most Dangerous Interview:

  1. What’s one thing every reader should know about you? I'm a theatre geek. I've been a costume designer, stage manager, prop mistress, spotlight operator, lighting board operator, and even an actor. I've definitely seen at least fifty Broadway shows, mostly musicals.

  2. What’s your worst habit as a writer? Not using my time as efficiently as I should.

  3. Have you had a major setback as an author, and how did you overcome it? I released my first book before it was ready and the first review I got was HORRIBLE. I pulled the book, made changes and started getting great reviews. I wish I could thank that reviewer in person. Buy him coffee or something.

  4. What is the best reader response you’ve ever received? Jackie, the lead character in Rebirth, book one in my Rogues Shifter Series, was abused in foster care. A woman wrote to thank me..."I was also victimized in foster care. I found my Rebirth with my wonderful husband and children, and so I wanted you to know that Jackie's story is my story too." I cried for days then sent her my whole series.

  5. Did a teacher in school ever encourage or discourage your desire to write? Care to share? I didn't start writing until much later, but I did get a lot of encouragement from several teachers to pursue my dreams of getting involved with theatre. I believe studying acting and theatre gave me better insight into characters and motivation.

  6. Who do you share your story ideas/writing with first? What can you expect from them? My younger daughter is also a romance author so I get good feedback from her, and my Monday and Friday writing buddies are amazing. I get great feedback on plots and blurbs and the latest software, etc.

  7. Ever find yourself writing/thinking about writing when you’re supposed to be doing something else? All the time. My characters are like my invisible childhood friends, even showing up in dreams. I have to keep a notebook handy for plot ideas.

  8. What do you do to hold yourself back/motivate yourself? I play instrumental classical or soundtracks while I write. Gets the brain cells moving.

  9. What music inspires you? Instrumental and choral classical music - Mozart, Brahms, Byrd, Purcell and so many others. BUT I also love a lot of alternative and indie rock. The old and the new mixed up.

  10. What’s your reading guilty pleasure? Male/male. I'm obsessed with these sexy, heart wrenching stories. I cannot get enough of them.

  11. Which book boyfriend/girlfriend (either one you’ve read or written) sets the standard for heroes/heroines in your writing? Like a quarter of the reading world, I love Jamie Fraser. I also love John Gray. (He's also a character in the Outlander Series and his stories are amazing.) And I have a demon in my books named Isaiah who's pretty hot too. ;0)

Here's a blurb about Stubborn Heart:

The first novella in the Rogues Inc. Series. Sinc can’t forgive… Despite an early trauma Sinc, a leopard shifter, had made a good life for herself with the Rogues Inc. team—until the day her world exploded and everything she'd worked so hard for came crashing down around her. Now she has to start over, learn how to cope with a devastating injury, maybe even lose her hard-won place on the rogues team. Problem is, the former love of her life is back to haunt her, and old feelings are coming alive, despite the hurt she's lived with for the past twelve years. Opening her heart to Gabriel would be the worst idea ever. Gabe can’t forget… Gabe, the former heir to the alpha position in the corrupt Los Altos werewolf pack, could have done something to stop the tragedy that caused Sinc's injury, only his decision to do the right thing came too late. Now he's on the bottom rung of a new pack, fighting with every ounce of his strength to make a place for himself among strangers. When Sinc arrives to testify against the wolves who hurt her, Gabe yearns for a second chance with Sinc, even though he knows he doesn't deserve it. And when the call goes out for a new alpha to head up a nearby territory, life gets complicated. Content Warning: This book contains adult language and violence between supernatural characters.

A little about Gayle:

Growing up in Los Angeles contributed to Gayle's love of all things fantasy and science fiction, particularly movies, books, and live theatre. She's worked for many NYC community theatre companies over the years and has been writing young adult fantasy novels and adult paranormal romance novels non-stop for the last six years. She's so pleased to share her stories with so many wonderful readers. Stop by and say hi at one of the links below. Thanks for reading! Please leave her a comment goodreads: gayle parness

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