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A group of authors and myself would like to tempt you with a little snippet from our current books, works in progress, or older favorites. I'll share other authors on my Facebook profile (friend me! It's R. then lowercase L. Don't ask, long story) and perhaps you'll find your next cool read!

Today I'm sharing six sentences from Hurricane Reese, which will be out 1/30. I think these six lines sets up the action of the story:

That was it. Since Jada had made the decision for him, he would move in with Grandpa. He’d already taken an indefinite hiatus to spend time with the old man. Now he’d be right across the hall.

The catch was that the place had only two bedrooms, and the other room was currently occupied by the caregiver Reese had hired for Grandpa, Jude De La Torre. The old man had suffered a series of minor strokes and then was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just over two years prior. He was sure Jude would understand. Reese was determined to have quality time with his grandfather before he’d have to make some difficult decisions. No time like the present. His heart felt considerably lighter as he drove toward his next adventure.

Join me Tuesday, January 9th at 6:30 P.M. EST for a unique event where I'll not only reveal the cover, but I'll also be sharing some news and I'll be joined by an amazing lineup of authors who write fantastic love stories across the LGBTQ rainbow!

It's going to be a blast and I can't wait for everyone to get their grubby hands on this book.

I'll hopefully see you Tuesday!

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