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Ro's Rock Show Review: SLIPKNOT! or why Corey Taylor should be registered as a National Treasure

I've been a metal fan since the very first time I heard Black Sabbath. Or was it when my cousin left me his Judas Priest cassettes? Or the times I drove around with my sister in her 1972 Mustang blaring Motley Crue? I have so many moments in my life that were defined by music, and after last night, I have another. Watching Slipknot perform a flawless set last night, surrounded by my Bay Area Metal family, was a moment that will give me chills for a long time to come.

The lineup last night started off with Motionless in White, which happens to be my daughter's favorite band, and they were fantastic. Chris Cerulli has an incredibly strong voice and stage presence. His band has the style and chops to support his vocals. They handled the crowd beautifully. Bullet For My Valentine, another favorite of mine, had a great set. Clean. Aggressive. Awesome. Lamb of God? I still don't get it. I highly respect Randy Blythe and what the band has been through, but I'm not a fan of their music.

Slipknot. I only discovered the band in the late 2000s when I joined the world of satellite radio. The Bay Area has long been without a hard rock station. They have all gone the way of Pop Country or Spanish-language programming. That's fine. It's a different place than when I was a kid, but we still have a large rock-loving, metal-worshiping fan base. The funny thing is, when Slipknot was getting their groove on back in the early 90s, I was just down the interstate from them in Lamoni, Iowa going to college. I had no clue! I wish I could have made a trip to Des Moines and seen an early gig. But they haven't invented time travel yet so it's a pipe dream. I'd been waiting for the right time and place to see them, and Concord in August 2015 turned out to be it.

What a tremendous night! They are consummate professionals, despite what their attire may leave you thinking. Their music is carefully orchestrated near-chaos. It is beautiful noise. It is gut-wrenchingly epic and I loved every second. Corey Taylor is one of my all-time favorite artists and watching how much energy he and the entire band put into the exhausting set gave me so much respect and admiration for what it must take to do that night after night for months while on tour. Slipknot's music is obviously an acquired taste. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to appreciate it for it's brilliance. I appreciate their music's ability to help me transcend any foul mood or low constitution. I loved every second of this show and cannot wait to see them again and see what more they have in store for us. I just hope that despite their trials and tribulations that we haven't seen the end to this iconic group of musicians.

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