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It's the release day for my second book baby, The Rock Season, and I'm in such a state of disbelief I can't... I just can't... Let me start by saying, I write stories. I think I'm a decent story teller and an average writer. I think I write about stuff that is a little different from most of the stories I read and that was kind of my point. I write about love and music and a love of music. So when I was getting ready to publish this book, I wanted to appeal to music lovers as well as contemporary romance readers. I decided to play with categories, just to see what would happen, and voila! As Ted Theodore Logan once said to Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and I'm paraphrasing here... "Strange things are afoot at Amazon." I added my two categories: Contemporary Romance and Musical Genres<Rock. A funny thing happened. As I checked numbers tonight, just so I could squeal in my Disneyland pajamas, The Rock Season made it to #7,509 in the Amazon store, which is way better than Haunted did, and #2 IN MUSIC<ROCK!!! Dude! I am sitting between a book about Beatles fans and THE FRICKIN' DIRT! Yeah, the Motley Crue biography? Yeah, Motley Crue, who figure heavily into my storyline! So what does this mean, you ask? It means that with creative categorizing, you, too, can sit with music legends atop the charts! I fully expect for this to go away tomorrow, or that someone at Amazon will act as a bouncer and throw out this fraud! Ha! And I do feel a little fraudulent when I see these books next to mine, but I never thought I would ever see my name on an Amazon page, so there you go!

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