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Rock On The Range 2013

My best friend and I attended Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio in 2013. It was an amazing three days where we saw over fifty bands! The World's Loudest Month celebrations happen all over the country in the spring time, so if you're living close to any of them, I highly recommend you go. I'm very sad I can't go this year as Slipknot is headlining along with so many other amazing bands. This authory gig and a cousin's wedding are using up the needed funds. I'll have to settle for seeing bands close to home instead! The price for a weekend pass was very reasonable. I'm a bit of a wimp, however, and I enjoyed ROTR because it was in a stadium rather than a large field or festival grounds. I like to have a chair to put my butt in, ya dig?

Rock On The Range 2013 - Papa Roach
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