What Makes Me: Vance Bastian, Podcaster and Voice Actor

Greetings and welcome to the Rock 'n' Romance Blog! This week is probably going to be full of family stuff for many of you so just know I'm thinking of you. Whether it's your favorite or you hate it, take care of yourself and let yourself feel your feels. When it's all over, do something nice for yourself, like coming on over to Ro's Roadies of Romance on Facebook where I'll be giving away 50 Paperbacks for my 50th! That's right, I'm turning 50 and I want to celebrate with all of you!

Today I want to celebrate a fantastic artist who I met through this authory gig. Vance Bastian, along with his co-hostest with the mostest S.A. Collins, were kind enough to interview me for the WROTE podcast and as always, we had a blast chatting. I'll drop the video below, but first, let's find out What Makes Vance…

1. Author, union actor, founding show host… I want my headstone to say, "He kept the storytelling tradition alive."

2. I love to host for friends and family. Though I inherited my mom's severe gluten intolerance, I love to cook and bake for people. Nourishing bodies and minds!

3. My husband and the sheer normalcy of our love. We wore our rings for ten years before a court case made it legal for us to actually be husbands. Someone recently counted over 1,300 legal protections and benefits for married couples. It's awfully nice to not be a second-class citizen anymore – but I'd do it all over with my husband if we have to.

Bio: A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, Vance has years of experience as an actor, audiobook narrator, and voiceover artist. He’s hosted over 300 podcast episodes where he has honed interview skills that bring out a guest’s stories. In his not-so-distant past he was even a production editor at an established publishing house. Do you have a project that needs a voice? Then let’s connect.

Thanks so much to Vance for joining us here on the blog. He and S.A. do such a great service to artists by hosting them on WROTE. You should check it out. I've been lucky enough to join them twice, and I'll post the first visit below. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you enjoy podcasting.

The new episode info can be found here: http://www.wrotepodcast.com/rl-merrill/

And here is the first video

Thanks so much for joining me! Have a good week, and if you are an authory/creatorer type, feel free to message me and let's talk about What Makes You! Stay Tuned…


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