That End-Of-Year Post

The year that tried to bury us…The year we got really good at staying at home…The year—honestly I don't want to riff on all the things that happened/didn't happen/sucked this year. Instead I wanted to take a few moments to remind myself that I did some stuff this year, because there were plenty of times I thought I would get nothing done. So here's a list…It's not exhaustive, it's not meant to be a boastful post…It's mostly for posterity's sake and to remind myself that even in the darkest depths of Mordor, I didn't totally suck.

  1. I finally published the first book I ever wrote: Healer: Havenhart Academy Book One.

  2. The story I wrote in 2019, "Breaking Bread," came out in the Dark Divinations Anthology.

  3. I left my publisher and got the rights back to five books.

  4. My first novella in the Bolder Breed series, I Want, More, came out in the Love Is All Vol. 3 Anthology. We raised money for the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

  5. I released my third book in the Magic and Mayhem Universe: Gator Me Twice

  6. My story Human Sacrifice was chosen for the Innovation Anthology with Queer Sci Fi

  7. I wrote a holiday novella that wasn't very holiday-ish and so it's in "the drawer."

  8. I wrote and submitted several short stories to literary magazines and got good feedback.

  9. I attended the Romance Slam Jam Online Con and made some good connections

  10. I wrote proposals for two very different vampire stories that I really want to turn into full manuscripts

  11. I queried More Than A Spanish Tour and got a few nibbles.

  12. Typhoon Toby was a finalist in the RONE Contest

  13. I rereleased Hurricane Reese, Typhoon Toby, and Summer of Hush with new covers under the Celie Bay Publications LLC imprint.

  14. I joined the Kiss App! I licensed 7 books to the app and (I think) found some new readers. So far four books are available with the fifth coming next week!

  15. I released Brains and Brawn: Summer of Hush Book Two

  16. I started a new job teaching virtual school. Eighth grade. Trained all the new secondary teachers in the program.

  17. I released the novella I wrote for the defunct BLC Nashville, A Peculiar Prom Night

  18. I released my fourth Magic and Mayhem book: Fang Me Three Times

  19. Brains and Brawn finaled in the Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize Contest. It also received a very nice review from Kirkus. I put it on sale in November and December and was able to donate $500 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

  20. I rereleased A Peace Offering under the Celie Bay Publications LLC imprint

  21. I wrote and released a new Friday the 13th story, this one set in the 60s. It's available for free on my website.

  22. I submitted a proposal to Hallmark and they didn't hate it! In fact I may revise and resubmit it.

  23. I participated in the Carina Adores Pitch Event with a solo project and my very first co-writing project and both pitches were "liked" by editors and so as of today both submissions will be sent in.

  24. I joined Angela James's Writing Community and it's been great to keep me accountable.

  25. I joined forces with my pal Adrienne Bell and a bunch of other fantastic authors to produce A More Perfect Union, which will be out on January 19th, 2021.

  26. I joined the Bay Area Queer Writers Association and did several readings online with my BAQWA pals!

  27. I watched WAY too much TV.

  28. I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes just after my 48th birthday. I've lost ten pounds and have stuck to a diet and exercise plan for thirty days.

  29. I did some live stream events with authors Diana Muñoz Stewart, Maria Vale, Adriana Anders, Abbie Roads, and Sharon Wray. You can find them on Facebook.

  30. I spent lots of quality time with my kids, who both did amazingly well during distance learning.

  31. I planted a pandemic garden

  32. I continued writing music reviews for

  33. My story "The House Must Fall" was chosen for the HorrorAddicts anthology Haunts and Hellions, out in 2021

  34. I participated on panels for two CasaCon events

  35. I spoke via Zoom to the Sacramento Writers Group

  36. I started a new blog feature on Queeromance Ink, Hope, Love, and Queeromance

  37. I joined the Inclusive Romance Project and had two mentees. They rock.

  38. Cuddled A LOT with my cats and dog.

  39. Was a guest on the WROTE Podcast and spoke with Kia Carrington-Russell on her YouTube Channel

  40. Did my first paintings!

  41. Did my first murder mystery whodunnit game

  42. Read WAY too few books

  43. Had my story Guerilla Gardening turned into a radio show with BAQWA

  44. Did my first Instagram Live

  45. Learned about crystals and essential oils


  47. I probably forgot some things…

  48. TURNED 48

If you survived, then you rock so hard. I'm so proud of all of us. Even if you wrote two words, if you got out of bed most days, if you did something nice for someone else… Whatever you did to survive, I'm sending you a damn hug. This next year will be another busy one. My goal is to connect with another publisher and/or gain representation and to publish A More Perfect Union, Havenhart Academy Book Two, Haunts and Hellions, and two Magic and Mayhem Universe books at the very least… I'd love to do more. I've already gotten started on Forces of Nature Book Three and Summer of Hush Book Three, so I hope to get those out, and I may self-publish More Than A Spanish Tour… I guess you'll have to Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance…


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