Fang Me Three Times

The Miscreants #1
October 26, 2020
Celie Bay Publications LLC
Available in: e-Book

Fang Me Three Times

Three kisses will break the curse, but what if your Prince Charming can’t hold back the fang?


Cursed witch Wilma Wetter is proud to represent her magical Germanic ancestors as a weather forecaster, even if it means taking a job in a town called Assjacket, West Virginia. While tracking the weather before an historic lunar eclipse, she and her trusty camerawoman Jules come across three ridiculously attractive rock stars wandering in the woods. Confused, starving, and sporting new fangs, the men explain they’re looking for their lost bandmate who was seen in the area. Wilma finds herself stupidly attracted to their frontman—so she does what any wonky witch would do: loads them into a van and takes them to the town alpha.


Gustavo “Gus Valens” Valenzuela comes from a rock ‘n’ roll family and has been living the dream since joining his cousins in forming The Miscreants, but a hazy meeting with insistent groupies leaves The Miscreants forever changed. And hungry. Meeting Wilma is a blessing, until he discovers that their meeting was more than a chance encounter.


Gus holds the key to awakening Wilma’s latent powers, held in check by an ancient family curse. Can he help her break it without changing her life forever? And would change necessarily be a bad thing?