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Friendy Friday with Kimberly Kincaid and Avery Flynn

Happy Friday before a three day weekend folks! Boy, I could really use that day. I've got to write ALL THE WERDZ! But today I'm titillated to bring you two of the funniest women in Romancelandia today! Individually they write sexy and smart stories and together, they are so damn fun it should be illegal. I've invited them today to share their new releases, a week apart, so you can get to know them.

I met Kimberly and Avery at last year's RT and I had a lot of fun chatting with them over an impromptu dinner. They have both been super supportive of me ever since and I'm excited for their new releases. Kimberly had me at doctor and her ex-husband who are forced to work together again. I don't know what it is about that trope that gets me, but it's awesome. You can find out all about Kimberly and her books here. Kimberly is also a big supporter of other authors and I love it when I meet someone who genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. Plus she hits a damn fine yoga pose! I'm envious. While I'm flexible, I have that whole clumsy as hell problem.

Avery's got a fantastic new book coming out in her Hartigan series. I read Butterface and was just tackled by all the feels. Tomboy is the third book in the series. I'm sitting on MuffinTop (literally and figuratively) and I can't wait to read it. And the Hartigans? They turn out some hot dudes, I'm telling you. A great family cast, which I know many of my readers love. Avery is also a super supportive friend. When I attended RWA last year for the first time she took me under her wing on the first day when I was feeling a bit lost and I will always appreciate her for that. Pick up Avery's books here.

I invited the ladies to answer my interview questions and they gave some awesome answers! It almost feels like the dating game. They answered separately and I'm putting them together here...

  1. What’s one thing every reader should know about you? - Avery: I’m a total smart ass. :) Kimberly: There's always food in my books. Even in my most suspenseful firefighter stories, where there are killers and bullets flying, there's at least one scene where the characters share a meal. So don't read hungry!

  2. What’s your worst habit as a writer? - Avery: Procrastination for sure! Kimberly: I procrastinate like a boss. But then I have these intense bursts of productivity to balance it all out. Also, I say the F-word a LOT. I don't think it's a bad habit, per se (it's always warranted!) but it's not everybody's cuppa, so...fair warning! I f'ing like it!

  3. Have you had a major setback as an author, and how did you overcome it? - Avery: Only one major setback? Jeesh, do I have to pick only one? I think the biggest thing to know about being a writer is that there are always setbacks and you just have to figure out how to uncurl yourself from the fetal position and get back to the keyboard. Kimberly: Oh, God, ALL the time. Plots fall apart or real life intervenes and makes writing difficult or even impossible. Characters don't do what I want them to, even though I write them the way I thought would make sense and work out. But perseverance is the key. Fall down ten times, get up eleven. When the going gets tough, you can take it easy, but you've got to take it if you want to overcome whatever's sitting in your path.

  4. What is the best reader response you’ve ever received? - Avery: You know, I have amazing readers but the best for me is when readers say they could really see themselves in my stories. I love that. Kimberly: I actually got a thank you letter from a reader's husband, thanking me for writing steamy sex scenes that made his wife "amorous". It still makes me laugh, to this day.

  5. Did a teacher in school ever encourage or discourage your desire to write? Care to share? - Avery: I had some amazing teachers in high school who were very encouraging. Teachers and librarians have so much power to shape lives. Kimberly: Yep! Phyllis Banks, eighth grade English. I emailed her a few years ago to thank her. She's as lovely now as she was then.

  6. Who do you share your story ideas/writing with first? What can you expect from them? - Avery: I usually talk plots and characters with the fab Robin Covington and Kimberly Kincaid. We kind of have a three way Bat signal for when we need help. Kimberly: I plot pretty much all of my books wih Avery Flynn and Robin Covington, usually in Avery's car. She drives, and I verbal vomit. Then all the what-ifs start to fly, and I thumb-type everything into my phone. But I use this crazy shorthand, so sometimes I have to text them and ask what the hell I was talking about in my own plot notes. It's always really funny, and we pretty much end up in some form of side-splitting laughter. But it works like a charm, and I really have a hard time plotting any other way now. (HOW I WOULD LOVE TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL!!!)

  7. Ever find yourself writing/thinking about writing when you’re supposed to be doing something else? Avery: Yes. And, unfortunately, the opposite is true too. Kimberly: All. The. Time. It's dangerous. I'll be in the grocery store and have to stop to text myself an idea, or on the treadmill and have to dictate things into my phone. It's crazy, but my family is totally used to it now.

  8. What do you do to hold yourself back/motivate yourself? - Avery: The need to pay my bills is a powerful motivator! Kimberly: I know this sounds weird, but I'm motivated a LOT, because I really love to write. But I have to make myself walk out of my office sometimes. I'd honestly clack at the keyboard for 12 hours a day if left to my own devices. Luckily, my family knows when to drag me away, and being with them fills my well the most.

  9. What music inspires you? - Avery: I love singer songwriters. A great lyricist will always inspire me. Kimberly: Two words: Matt Nathanson. I love his music--it's so soulful and heartfelt and raw and real. I've written three books that were inspired by three of his songs, including my latest, BACK TO YOU.

  10. What’s your reading guilty pleasure? - Avery: No guilty pleasures here. I love them all. Kimberly: So, I don't do guilty pleasures, because I refuse to feel guilt over anything that makes me happy, no matter what it is! But I love cookbooks. I'm kind of a cookbook junkie. I could read them for hours and hours.

  11. Which book boyfriend/girlfriend (either one you’ve read or written) sets the standard for heroes/heroines in your writing?- Avery: Oh wow. That is a great question. My memory might (probably is) softer than the reality, but I loved Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory heroes. Kimberly: I'm always in love with whoever I'm writing at the current moment! So right now, that's Jonah Sheridan and Natalie Kendrick. It's a best friends to lovers story, which I've never written, and it's REALLY hard! But they're so well-matched, and each of them complements the other so well. They feel natural on the page (also, hot. So hotttttt). So I'm really digging them right now!

I love these two! And with all the love for Robin Covington, I'm going to have to nab her for a Friendy Friday soon!

You can find their bios below and their links. I hope you'll pick up Back To You to read over this weekend and pre-order Tomboy, out Monday!

Kimberly Kincaid: USA Today best-selling author Kimberly Kincaid writes romantic suspense that sizzles and contemporary romance with heart and heat. Equal parts action and emotion, her firefighters and first responders always save the day.When she's not finding adventure with her husband and three daughters, she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly's series include Station Seventeen, the Line series, Cross Creek, and her brand-new Remington Medical series. All titles stand alone for easy reading.

Avery Flynn: Avery Flynn is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling romance author. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip.She was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs.

Thanks again, ladies, for joining me for Friendy Friday! As for Ro, she's hard at work on THREE count them 1...2...3... projects, all totally different, all totally fun. I hope you had a great week and would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me a line, find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram...Today's the last day of the Valentine's Day Hop over on Instagram. I'll choose winners tomorrow morning!

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance from R.L. Merrill

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