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Friendy Friday with Renee George

The lovely and talented Renee George is joining us today on the Rock 'n' Romance blog and I am so happy to share her latest release in the Madder Than Hell series, A Streetcar Named Demonic!

I met Renee probably five or six years ago on Facebook when I was devouring all of the paranormal romance I could find. She was warm, funny, and uber helpful when I decided to take the leap into writing myself and even self-publishing. Renee is one of those fantastic people who will take you under their wing and help you realize your dreams. When I wrote my first gay romance, I'd read her Cocktails books and loved them, so I hit her up for some guidance. Time after time she's been there for me, either her stories when I needed a pick me up, or the hot mama when I needed career wisdom. In person she's just about the best hugger you will ever meet and rocks leather pants like no woman I know... Like, she's up there with Joan Jett haha. I've loved many of her books including The Cull, The Midnight Shift, and the Lion Kings books. OMG soooo good. Check them out and get ready for the newest book in the Madder than Hell series, A Streetcar Named Demonic!

Here's the blurb:

What happens when you make a bargain with Hell’s version of Cupid, and he wants you to play matchmaker to the furry for his own evil purposes? You follow in your sisters’ footsteps and stop his demonically diabolical plans, of course!

Eliza Madder, former ghost and newly minted minion for Demon Lord Leonard, has her work cut out for her when the demon sends her to Hannibal, Missouri to broker a marriage contract between the werewolf alpha of the Ralls County Pack, Grady Conrad, and the daughter of a rival pack. Leonard, who created the original werewolf lines before his fall, wants these two mismatched shifters together and making babies before the end of the month, and he threatens to revoke her twin sister Elise's human existence if Eliza doesn't deliver. To make the task even more difficult, Eliza finds Grady extremely growly and gorgeous, and the attraction goes both ways. How can a minion do her job when she can't keep her hands off the merchandise? On top of that hellish complication, the rival pack leader has his own deadly plans for Grady. Eliza will have to use all her resources, including her sisters, the Psychical Society of Paranormal Researchers, and a reluctant bride and groom to thwart the threats and save the only innocent person in her life. What's a minion to do when she's caught between a demon and a heartache? She puts on her big girl minion panties and gets madder than hell.

A Street Car Named Demonic (Madder Than Hell Book 3) by the uber talented Renee George And this one is FULL of Howls and Growls! Get Madder Than Hell! Amazon: iBook:…/a-streetcar-named-d…/id1422859724 Nook:…/1129247048… Kobo:

She's also got a re-release that was part of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle Worlds, My Peculiar Road Trip, which is part of her Peculiar Mysteries universe as well.

Sometimes you ride the road to adventure and sometimes the road rides you, which is exactly how I'd felt as I sat up and picked ditch gravel from my elbow and tall grass from my hair. All I'd wanted was a girls' weekend away from home, a sort of double bachelorette party for two of my friends who were both getting married soon. No guys, no kids, no restaurant.

But right now, as I catalogedthe bumps and bruises, I only knew two things for certain: First, we were no longer in Reno, and second,Hell had a new name--Assjacket.


When human psychic Sunny Trimmel and her three best friends decide to go on a weekend getaway to Reno, they get away all right— into an alternate reality where cats talk, her Shifter friends are stuck in their animal forms, and they're dumped into a rural hell known as Assjacket, West Virginia.

Thanks to a vengeful witch's magic gone wrong, the girls are sucked into one of the most peculiar adventures they've ever had. People and landmarks are disappearing all over town. Sunny will have to rely on her faulty psychic visions, her friends, and the crazy townsfolk to solve the mystery—or they might never find their way home.

Suck it, Dorothy. Tornadoes have nothing on this twister of a tale.

Author Note: This is a Magic & Mayhem/ Peculiar Mystery Crossover. It can be read as a stand alone, and it does not effect the Peculiar Mysteries world timeline.

Robyn Peterman will be expanding her universe in the coming months so be sure to follow the Facebook page for Magic and Mayhem for upcoming announcements. I'm currently reading the original books and will hit as many of the universe as I can. Sometimes you just need a hilarious romp in the magical sack, and Robyn and those who play in her sandbox are good for just such a read!

SO MUCH TO READ! Haha I've given you a ton of options for your Labor Day weekend! I hope you read tons, review them all, and live to tell us about it! Make sure to find Renee at all of her social media places and be sure to say hey!

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance!

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