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#DownandDirty Tuesday ONE WEEK

In just one week Down and Dirty will be in your hot little hands! You'll get a chance to read stories by some of the hottest romance authors writing today. Trust me, I've gotten to know many of them over the past couple of months and they are people I respect and admire and I can't wait to share their stories with you!

Let's meet our characters:

Calvin Graham, cousin to one sexy cop you might remember from my novel Road Trip, is looking for a fresh start. He's coming off of a bad relationship and he's still raw from his choice to battle his addictions and become sober. Moving to California to be close to his cousin Kelly and his grandparents, and is just about finished with his field training for the Alcosta Sheriff's Department when he and his training officer end up doing traffic control during a storm on a treacherous road known for dangerous accidents.

Enter Flor Trujillo, tree trimmer extraordinaire. She better be. After her father was injured working with their team for the county, she took over his leadership role, and his care. All she wants to do is her job, which she loves, I mean, who wouldn't love to get paid to climb trees and play in the mud? In her spare time she plays in a kickass all-ladies band called, you guessed it, Mud and Honey. She loves hanging out with friends Stevie and Aaron McShane (you might remember from Rock Season) and her good friend Abra Mora who keeps telling her about her boyfriend Kelly's hot cousin Calvin who just moved to town. Funny, the deputy who just got hurt during their storm clean up, the one who saved her life, happens to be named Calvin Graham...

I hope you'll enjoy Mud and Honey. This couple was so fun to write, and I loved jumping back into this world. If you haven't read Rock Season or Road Trip, YOU STILL HAVE TIME! haha Kidding. Sort of. But Mud and Honey is a stand alone for sure, and a dirty and sweet one at that!

Pre-order your copy of Mud and Honey TODAY! Amazon

And if you want to go back to the beginning, start with The Rock Season, available on Amazon

and the follow up Road Trip, available on Amazon. My story The Heart Knows: El Corazón Sabe is set there as well, and those characters will be making a comeback just as soon as I have time to finish up their next book. You will see ties start to form between those characters and those in Mud and Honey. I also revisited Hayward in my upcoming story Salty and Sweet which will be out in August as part of the Summer Faire anthology! Details coming soon!

These stories are close to home for me. Literally. They're set right in my backyard in Hayward, California, a city I spend a lot of time in. It's an interesting mix of diverse folks and cultures. We have a major state university and a huge community college, a mall, a cute little revitalized downtown, where a lot of the action in these stories is set. There's also an airport, a huge park system, historic homes like the Meek Mansion, which is my favorite place near home to go and just wonder...

It's also a community that is socioeconomically divided. There are incredibly rich folks, a lot of middle class, and a whole lot of people just barely hanging on. I've substitute taught in community day school in Hayward and the continuation school where I spent three tumultuous years in located there. I worked in the police department for a year with the Domestic Violence Investigations unit as an advocate for victims. I trained police officers how to deal with victims during domestic violence incidents and did ridealongs with the officers to assist them on calls. It was one of the best work experiences I ever had. I even contemplated becoming an officer... but that's another story altogether. All of this is just to say how much I love and appreciate the folks in the City of Hayward, and these books are my love letter to them!

That's it for today. I'll be back with updates from the 2018 Romantic Times Booklover's Convention here in Reno, Nevada. Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance!

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