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Friendy Friday with Nikki Prince!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm tickled to feature the lovely Nikki Prince on the Rock 'n' Romance blog today to talk about her new book It's Complicated. She's also featured in the Down and Dirty Anthology out 5/22! Nikki also just finished graduate school, which blows me away since she did it WHILE DOING THE MOM GIG AND WRITING TERRIFIC ROMANCE! I mean, she's totally my hero because I never would have survived grad school with kids!

Here's a blurb for It's Complicated:

Ashton Locke has had a thing for Keiko Jarrett since college. So when she proposes adding friends with benefits to the mix, he's intrigued, but wary. Sure, he’s always wanted her, and is definitely not ready to settle down with anyone, but what happens if one of them crosses the line? Keiko is ready to take her flirty friendship with Ashton to the next level of hot. But she never bargained for feelings to intrude and cause complications. She laughed at Ashton's hesitation and promised she'd remain heart-whole. Some promises are meant to be broken and as Keiko and Ashton's "benefits bleed in all aspects of their lives, Keiko needs to convince Ashton that love is worth the risk.

You can find It's Complicated on Amazon

And you can pick up Down & Dirty as well, where her story Blurred Lines will rock your world!

You can also join Nikki's Reader Group on Facebook here and it looks like she's got something muy caliente cooking up for this weekend!

So what's going on in the Rock 'n' Romance universe? WELL! I'm getting super excited to head out to RT. I know many of my readers can't make it out, but never fear... I'll have SO MANY GOODIES when I come back to share with you, I'll set up some giveaways in my reader group Ro's Roadies of Romance, so if you haven't joined yet, please consider it!

As for releases, the Down and Dirty Anthology will feature my story Mud and Honey and that's out 5/22. I've also got my first f/f contemporary romance coming out as part of the Summer Fair Anthology out in August. I'm really excited about this story, Salty and Sweet, which is loosely based on my experience in a summer theater program eons ago! More details on that and my next full-length release coming SOON!

That's all for this week. Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance!

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