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The Phenomenal Lori King has been a huge inspiration to me in the book world. We met not too long ago when we were supposed to work on an anthology project to support Autism Awareness. It fell through at the last minute, and Lori was kind enough to invite me into her world and into another anthology, the Down and Dirty project you've heard me share about. Lori is a tireless worker, promoting authors both indie and hybrid like myself, and is always willing to share her wisdom. I've learned a lot from working with her these past few months and look forward to more projects in the future. You can grab her new series Storm Corps by clicking on the picture above. This Marine looks like he's got his work cut out for him!

One of her brainchildrens (that's a thing, right?) is #SixSentenceSunday, a place where we can share with you what we're up to and you can hopefully find some new reads! Visit the Facebook page and follow along each week to see what folks are up to! You'll meet authors like Rhonda Lee Carver, Lia Davis, Sherri Hayes, Reina Torres, and Lilly Rayman just to name a few!

I'll be popping in as often as possible, and this week I'll be sharing with you a snippet from my upcoming release, The Redemption of Nathaniel Bane. Some of you may recall Nathaniel as being the wickedly handsome and dangerous brother from The Banes of Lake's Crossing. Well I certainly believe in second chances, so when I created Nathaniel, no matter how naughty he became, I knew there would be some sort of salvation for his wretchedness. Here's a sneak peek:

It was never enough.

Nathaniel Bane had been living with his evil urges for nearly two decades now and was running out of ways to blow off steam. There were only so many virgins for him to claim, which gave him a rush almost like the moment when he’d touched the cursed silver in the mine with his brothers. The anticipation of the power surge had become like an addiction, like that of the opium users who found their euphoria for days at the end of a pipe. Only, Nathaniel needed the power for his survival.

He and Lionel had discovered after some time that their powers waned without the regular influx of virgin blood. The act of claiming the innocent sent a wave of lust through the Bane brothers, flooding them with power so intoxicating, the act of lovemaking became secondary in pleasure.

Please be sure to follow the #SixSentenceSunday authors and STAY TUNED FOR MORE ROCK 'N' ROMANCE!

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