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Wordy Wednesday...#worldpoetryday

Happy Hump Day readers! I haven't written a Wordy Wednesday post for a bit, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite poems I've written over the years.

Mostly I write silly poems, but they often have a purpose. This first one, An Ode to the Commode, I wrote for a previous boss as a complaint against the state of our women's restroom. It landed me quite a few giggles, and a spot on the oversight committee on bond projects, so be cautious if you ever choose to send a poem to your boss.

An Ode to the Commode

As teachers, we know not to ask for much

The budget today being as such

But one necessity we all must face

Much to our mutual disgrace

Is the state of our common commode

It's enough to cause morale to corrode

The leakage and fluids regularly flow

The torn bits of paper and trash found below

One must take care when taking a seat

One never knows what fate they will meet

So as a group, we hope you hear our plea

If funds are present, please do agree

To ease our minds and collective soul

by improving the state of our women's bowl.

And this next one I wrote to my husband on a particularly stressful morning

A Ditty for my Husband on a Tuesday Morning

You know that I love you

That I will always be true

And I am grateful for all the things you do.

I know you were under duress

at the state of my undress

and this morning it caused some distress

As you left us for the great beyond

And as I don't have a magic want

I could not call you back from over the pond

Your daughter fought back tears

And defeated her greatest fears

And hoped she wouldn't be stuck in grade 2 for years

For her backpack was forgotten

Yes, the pack of your first begotten

And now her lunch will surely be rotten

Do not despair

for her Grammy the Fair

will bring her a replacement, I declare!

So know that we love you

And will always be true

And we are grateful for all the things you do.

And this one I wrote to my sister...

There Should Be A Day

There should be a day

For you and you alone

For the times your light has shone

Upon my dark skies

And softened my cries

There should be a day

for the one who sends me Peeps

And who is mine for keeps

To laugh with in disco bliss

and to give another movie star kiss

There should be a day

with red lips and lady bugs

and royal pink princess hugs

For my sister who I love best

who stands tall above the rest

There should be a day

with time enough for us to movie

and mani and pedi and be groovy

and reminisce, play and discuss

our 35 great years of us

There should be a day

to honor your exquisite beauty

of soul, mind and body

your faithful loyalty to others

to children, friends and mothers

There should be a day

when all you've touched warms you

and gives you strength to remain true

to yourself, my glorious princess

I love you...

And lastly, one I wrote for a colleague who was retiring

Our Butterfly

Once upon a time

a delicate butterfly

perched upon a flower

and uttered a sigh.

"So long have I fluttered,

so long have I toiled."

She pondered her life

and the years she had moiled.

So many petals of

so many flowers

had felt her grace

and benevolent powers.

Many children were excited

and fascinated by her colors

They'd laughed and cheered

and danced full of wonders.

As she looked back

and thought with a smile

"All I have done

has been quite worthwhile."

She flew away

to adventures unknown

behind her leaving

the seeds she had sown.

There will never flutter

a beauty such as she

so delicate and joyful

and caring and free.

So these are me just fooling around over the years. Every once in awhile I get a bug up my butt to write a silly rhyme. I wrote one this morning, but I shared it with another Down and Dirty gal for her blog, which I promise I'll send to you when it goes live.

Poetry, to me, is like staying up late past my bedtime as a child and discovering something kids aren't supposed to see. It's sometimes voyeuristic, it's often crass or pompous. It's many things to many people. Spoken word is PHENOMENAL to observe, to listen to. I appreciate the passion in the speakers. There's so many amazing pieces of poetry out there on YouTube! I'd love to invite you to share your favorite poems with me, either spoken word videos, links, or titles for me to look up.

It just so happens today that I'm rewriting my creative writing course for my students and poetry is what I'm playing with. I'm trying to think of my favorites I can share, but there's so many good ones. The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is my absolute favorite, probably followed by And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou.

Song lyrics, of course, are a form of poetry and I know my love of music has been widely discussed here and on the socials. I've written song lyrics in Haunted and Teacher, but honestly, those came to me in the moment I was writing. Lyrics aren't something I can try to force out of me, like poems. Gotta have the bug up my butt haha. But I hope to write more in the future in my books Here's an example of one of my favorite songs lyrically...

That's it my lovelies! Hope you have a poetic rest of your day and STAY TUNED FOR MORE ROCK 'N' ROMANCE!

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