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Friendy Friday - The Fabulous Danielle James brings you Sandman!

Happy end of January! Hope everyone is hanging in there. It's a fact that 2018 has gotten off to a rocky start, but there's so much kickassness still to come, I am maintaining hope.

And talk about kickassness... Today I'm happy to feature my gal pal Danielle James. We met probably three years ago when we were working on the Wicked Gods Unleashed anthology. Danielle is one of those folks who is a breeze to work with, loves sharing her knowledge and experience, and is always happy to help out when you need some brainpower. She and I have shared stories, given feedback, and even helped each other get unstuck on current works in process. I was so happy to get to meet her in the flesh at our Romancing Lake Tahoe event in the summer of 2016.

Most recently Danielle was able to beta read Hurricane Reese for me and advise me on the realities of caring for a family member with dementia/Alzheimer's issues. She takes care of all kinds of folks and always keeps a sense of humor about life, despite the ways life tries to mess with her.

When I was asked who we should invite to join us for the upcoming Down and Dirty anthology, Danielle was a given. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for her story in the anthology.

Until then, she has many more surprises up her sleeve. Danielle recently began working with Inkitt and when she passed this cover for Sandman my way, my eyeballs popped out like a cartoon character! Check this gorgeous thing out:

Somnus spent his time walking in the dreams of others. He ghosted in and out of their lives, unseen, giving them the magic they needed to dream. Nightmares were unusually high, so he slipped into one of his favorite charge’s dream. That’s when she saw him. Really saw him. Against all odds and and against all the rules, Rachel could see him. Rachel has something special about her, a lineage that she is unaware of, that not only draws Somnus’ attention, but the nightmare demon as well. Somnus must protect her, even from herself. Get ready for a wild ride as Rachel and Somnus come to terms with her heritage, the demon, and their destiny.

Sandman will be out February 1, 2018 and you can find it here on Danielle's Amazon Page.

Soon after Sandman comes out, you can pick up more of the Forbidden Love Series.

Spider Web- Jules is starting over in Boston when she meets a man who makes her believe not only in love again, but the entire world. ~~ Phoenix- He is one of a kind. He is fire. He is healing. As the last true firebird in existence, Phoenix lived for those he called family. At one time, he wasn’t willing to put the safety of one above the rest of the world but now, he will sacrifice all of mankind just to save her. ~~ Jaded- Jade is the daughter of a human woman and one of the most powerful vampires on earth. On the day her mate arrived at the Knight Estate, she knew that life was about to change and everything would come full circle. ~ Dragon Fire- Toni thought this Halloween party would be just like every other. Until she had an encounter with a man whose name she doesn’t know, a face she’s never seen, and a certainty that he is her mate.

You can also stalk Danielle on Facebook, Twitter,

and keep track of our antics on the Down and Dirty - Blue Collar Heroes page. This weekend we're celebrating the cover reveal by hosting a party this weekend. Click here to join us. I'll be on tonight at 9 EST and Danielle will be on Saturday, January 27th at 5PM EST. Get to know her awesomeness yourself! There will be lots of giveaways!

Thanks for joining us for Friendy Friday! Don't forget, Hurricane Reese makes landfall on January 30th! If you haven't preordered yet, you can go to Dreamspinner Press or Amazon to get your copy. If you have a moment to support the Thunderclap, I'd really appreciate it!

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance!

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