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Winners, December Pet Rescue Stories Last Entry, and Happy New Year!

Frankenstein, Steve, Simi and Dracula wish you a Merry New Year and kickass 2018 full of all the awesome you can stand! 

On the last day of this challenging year I just want to thank you all for being here, supporting my work, and saving critters!!! These are the last entries I received: 

From Linda Herold:

My current cat was rescued from going to the pound when our friends had too many kittens! Due to my cat's small stature, her name is "Lil Kitty! I had a long haired male cat who died earlier this year!! I am now retired and live alone so 'Lil Kitty's company is very welcomed. She is a different kinda cat personality-wise and very entertaining!  

From Chris S.: 

Hi Ro. I have rescued 2 of my fur babies. I got pixie dust 2 years ago from Orphan Angels cat sanctuary. Here she is!

I rescued my little boy Hellcat from the shop I work on. His mom and dad are feral cats that hang out there and she had the kittens there. Here he is! They are both so loving and my little cuddle buddies. They all get along with my 12 year old kitty Abby big joy and love to everyday.  

Thank you to everyone who shared! My winners are: 

Linda Herold

Chris Sobczak 

Amanda Cunningham 

Monica Martin

And Lela Lawing! 

Send me an email and I’ll send you the winner form! Congrats! 

I’m going to have an announcement in the next couple of days to kick off a brand spankin’ new year! Love to you all! 


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