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Dear 2017: A letter of inquiry and support

Dear 2017,

I hesitate to write this letter to you tonight as we still have four days left of your reign, but I feel it is imperative that I address some issues tonight.

Here's the thing... You have taken many people we love from us, you have peppered us with ignorance, violence and hatred, and you have taught us some valuable lessons. Yet I can't help but wonder what is causing your need to lash out at humanity? Everything happens for a reason, and I'm trying to discover just what that reason is? Is this a Biblical vengeance sort of thing? A sick prank? Or Mother Nature asserting her dominance? Are you depressed? Because if you are, and you just need someone to listen to you vent, I'm totally here. If it means I don't get one more phone call or message saying a child I love is sick or hurting, I'll take your anger. If it means senseless tragedies will cease, I'll take your sorrow. Just please, give us humans a break? Please? Or if you haven't quite gotten all of this vitriol out of your system, can you just take a walk out into the desert, tundra, or middle of the ocean and let out the rest of your angst in one big blow? That would be great, and I'll be sure to show my appreciation for you come January 1. On that day you can lay all of your issues to rest and maybe take a long vacation, or heck, a hot bath. Just please. Go. And take your intolerance, illness, death, and suffering with you. Bury it deep in the earth's core where it will fossilize and someone will dig it up millions of years from now and will try to suss out what in the hell actually happened this year. Make a graceful exit, would you? And don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, honey.

Your Friend,


In all seriousness, I've freakin' had it with this year. I spent today in the ER with my mother in law who has been sick off and on for several years and her doctors can't seem to find a way to help her be comfortable. While there, I discovered a man that I babysat as a child attempted to take his life this morning. I hugged his family and his girlfriend, told him I loved him, and offered my support. I've heard from just about everyone I am close to in my life that there is illness, grief, and major stressors plaguing them right now, and I'm just done. We all are. But I have hope, as always. I strongly believe that great things are around the corner. Why, do you ask? Because of my children. Because they are brilliant and challenge me daily. They teach me things. They get excited about experiences we have together. And I have hope because of art. I've read so many damn good books in the past few weeks as I attempted to deal with my own health issues. I've engulfed myself in my love of music and listened to it constantly, discovering new and exciting artists that I can't get enough of. I've binge watched some amazing TV that never would have been possible years ago. And current events have given me hope: kids doing selfless acts, communities coming together to support each other to return lost items or fundraise to aid victims of natural disasters, and political action taking place that confirms my belief that humans are innately good. We have a long way to go. The next year is going to require a lot of fighting, and I plan to store up as much energy as I possibly can over the coming days to be ready. But the most important thing we can do right now is to love each other. Hold each other up. It's almost over, dudes.

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance...

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