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Celebrating Pet Rescues Part Two

Hey reader-y folks! We're celebrating pet rescues in honor of my Christmas novella Father F'in' Christmas, which I'd love for you all to check out on Amazon. This quirky story features a crazy cat lady who works at a shelter and she's got a soft spot for the "unadoptable" kitties. I love rescuing critters. There's nothing like getting a cuddle from one that you've given a home to.

I mentioned before, I have rescued a gajillion pets. My current rescue babies include my beastly dog Simi, who we rescued from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control and my twin brothers Frankenstein and Dracula.

I thought I'd post some pics of their cuteness for you. Simi we rescued after I attempted to con my husband into going to a breeder to obtain an Irish Wolfhound. He thought they were cool until the breeder brought out a boy that was 180lbs and my husband said "yeah, no way." We'd been without a dog for a couple of years at this point since our last rescue Chloe, a Doberman mix, passed away due to complications from repeated mouth cancers. I found Simi online and should have been warned by the "stray found on the streets of San Francisco" that I was going to be in trouble with this one. She's an absolute love, but she is totally a spaz even though she's nearly seven years old. She was two months old when we brought her home and she's wreaked havoc on our lives ever since despite puppy school and obedience training. Sigh. She'll do all the behaviors at the house of course, but you get her out in public and she loses her mind. Oh, and did I mention she's spoiled?

Dracula and Frankenstein are my 8th and 9th cats since adulthood. I wanted kittens this time, as the last four have been older, and I found them through the Sunshine Animal Rescue in Hayward, California. We'd had a year of several losses: one from complications from diabetes (the second cat we'd treated with insulin daily), one from age, and one from I have no idea! I'd brought a stray into the house after feeding him and enjoying him outside for a year and he made it four months before I came home to find him barely able to walk. Turned out he had one kidney and it was enlarged and there was a mass in his lungs. I was so sad about losing him that after two months I asked my husband could I please adopt a new cat. It was Superbowl Sunday and he said "Yeah whatever." I was out the door before the last syllable left his lips. Of course, as is my modus operandi, when I found them and saw they were brothers, I just had to have them both. I had to wait a couple of days to bring the boys home, but I'm so glad I did. They are actually identical twins according to bloodwork from the vet! Since they came home with me nearly four years ago, my husband has instituted a strict "only two of each species allowed" rule in the house. Sigh.

Adoption is so awesome, I want to continue sharing your stories you've sent me! Here's one from Diana:

We got our rescue cat Callie from the Bryan, Texas ASPCA’s adoption day in conjunction with PetSmart. She was this very scared, scrunched as far as a roly poly cat can get into a corner grey ball of fur. She didn’t want to be picked up, but if you sat down, she would immediately climb in your lap !! That got my Dad’s heart strings going as he’s always wanted a lap cat, one who would sit with him during long hours on his computer or while watching television, and that’s just what he got !! Callie doesn’t have an active bone in her body, unless it’s to run to the food bowl !! We have 2 older rescue cats that were saved from a Ragdoll mill, where they hadn’t been let out of their cages fir over 18 months, unless it was to breed with the females and tossed back again. They had become very quiet and lethargic, until Callie came into the house, now the race is on to see who gets to the best food bowl, whose lap they want in for the day or if they decide they want us to take them out in their kitty pram, a covered, wheeled device, where we walk and they get oooh’d and aaah’d over by everyone who sees them, lol. Callie definitely gave my Dad his lap cat and the “dunderheads” ( the male ragdolls) a run for their money and a huge wake up call for playtime.

These two cuties came from Amanda:

I rescued both of my cats from the Edmonton humane society. They were both abandoned by their owners and my girl had gingivitis and a missing tooth.

Luke (long black hair) and Lorelai

Luke quickly became my son’s best friend and loved to be where he is and playing fetch with nerf bullets. Lorelai loves to cuddle with me when I’m reading, obviously making her my best friend!

I love rescuing and wish I could rescue more cats

Such cute stories! I have three more stories I'll share next week. Please be sure to email me your pet rescue stories at and be entered to win a signed copy of Father F'in' Christmas!

Thanks for checking out my blog and Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance and furry friends!

P.S. That was my brand new lounge chair I bought to recline and write in and the moment I put it up, Simi decided it was hers. And she stole the kids' basketball. Not that she's a beast or anything. She is named after the Simi in Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. If you haven't read, I highly recommend, or else Simi might eat you with BBQ sauce.

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