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Celebrating Pet Rescues this Holiday Season

This summer I released a quirky Christmas story called Father F'in' Christmas which features a heroine who dreams of rescuing all of the unwanted cats in the world and start a cat sanctuary for them. I would so love to do this myself, it's such a great feeling to give a home to a pet who is in a shelter or living on the street. I have rescued twelve pets in my adulthood, not including my two childhood dogs who both came from the shelter, and though I love purebred dogs, my heart goes out to the critters left behind or who no one wanted and I love giving them homes. I will be donating to a rescue organization this month a portion of my sales and I thought I'd turn this into a contest. I want to hear some of your rescue stories and I'll be choosing five folks who send me their stories to win a signed paperback of Father F'in' Christmas.

Here are the first two stories I received:

From Staci D.:

My dearest protector and friend Sarah was about to go to a kill only shelter in the Bay area. I received a message from a friend saying you have had Akita's your whole life can you handle a four month old mix Akita/ border collie with little training. No other organizations will take her because of her "dangerous" breed status or lack of pedigree. I was four months pregnant with my daughter at the time. Many life circumstances stated this was not a good idea. Yet I couldn't let her go be killed just for being alive. It wasn't an easy path. She was large and rambunctious. I was high risk pregnancy. Yet I managed to teach her standing was okay if only on her own legs. Sitting was better. Nearly five years later she is a soft cuddly playmate for my 4 year old and a


fierce protector of family and home. Very grateful I took that call and drove 200 miles to save her.

From Monica M.

We rescued our puppy from seized property along with his brothers and sisters. We named him Max. The Sheriff graciously offered him free. We lost our first pet in 2016. Molly was 15 and had bad stomach bloat and her tummy twisted in a way surgery wouldn't have helped her. We had to let her go. So Max came to us and such a huge difference a pet does for us humans. My husband has been in a bad place for awhile and once he got Max it was a complete turn around. I think we needed Max more than he needed us.

I'll be sharing stories as I get them this month so if you have a rescue story, send it to me at and I'll post them here. I'd love to give a shout out to the names of organizations you've worked with also in adopting. Thank you to Staci and Monica. More coming later this week!

Also, in case you are looking for a non-holiday read, Fated is on sale for a limited time at 99 pennies! Pick up your copy today.

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance

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