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Author Events... Why they rock! Love N. Vegas 2017

Author Events are amazing for so many reasons. This was my first Love N. event, and I attended as a reader because I'd heard so many good things about them... for good reason!

Now, I had an agenda going in:

1. Meet Freya Barker and give her a copy of Road Trip as she designed the cover using an image from Reggie Deanching.

2. Say hi to the amazing ladies at Passionflix

3. Pick up a signed calendar from Stu Reardon for someone

4. Meet some cool people

5. Bring home books to give away to my awesome readers.

Number one was easy... I ran into Freya on my way in as she was making a mad dash for the facilities (there was a lot of that happening, and I'd never laugh because I've been there). I chatted with Freya and her editor for awhile and it was so cool to see the covers she's made in person as I'd seen them go from Reggie's images to finished covers. Freya is incredibly talented. It was wonderful to meet her in person a year after working with her on this book baby so I could hand it to her in person. She was very gracious and took pics with me, several of which were taken while one or the other of us was talking and this one made me giggle, I have no idea what that expression is all about.

I caught up with Joany Kane from Passionflix and got caught up on all of the goods, including the fact that they are planning a surprise to be announced soon. No, I didn't learn what the surprise is but I got to know there was a surprise and that makes me feel secret-decoder-ring-special! She did tell me that they are setting up a way to gift subscriptions to people, so readery folks, get ready! I'll have some to give away soon! Oh, and here's some juicy advice to make you feel secret-decoder-ring-special too.... You can sign up for a month, say in like December when they'll have three original films up, and then cancel after a month! For reals! You can watch Hollywood Dirt, Aftershock/Afterburn, and Jill Shalvis's holiday film and then cancel until there are more to watch in 2018! Pretty cool! I highly suggest you go to and subscribe today!

Yeah, there was no getting anywhere near Stu to pick up a calendar, so for that person I was going to get it for, sorry. Here's the line and a tiny Stu in the background...

There were so many happy readers, which is one of the best parts about author events, but the authors I met were FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! I had heard of a handful of folks through Facebook and through ads I receive in my email from Amazon and Bookbub, and through blogs of course, but I hadn't met any of these folks in person. I asked my readers to point me in the direction of a few of them and that led to some of the most awesome conversations. I never got the chance to meet the mistress of awesome Ellie McLove but she was everywhere and put together such a huge amount of talent: Daryl Banner was adorable and is so prolific and self-sufficient! I listened intently as he talked about his process and doing his own covers. What a talented guy! Gwyn McNamee was a hoot with her squishy dicks haha. B.B. Reid and B.B. Easton were inspiring to talk to and I finally met Rebecca Donovan! I was happy to wish Sierra Hill a Happy Birthday and loved her color choices! Mark Tufo and RK Gleason were there representing the horror/sci fi genre and I enjoyed chatting with them. It's so much fun hearing authors give their pitches at these events and I had a blast asking them to talk about their book babies. So much passion. And RK rocked the kilt! Kevin Eschlinger had prints of Frankenstein and the Bride, which I will be hanging on my wall with my collection (I need more wall space!) I know there were more, and when I get back home... someday... because my flight was delayed... I will finish going through my goodies and shout out to the rest of the groovy folks I met.

I also ran into my soul mate sister I met at RT Atlanta from all the way down in Fresno! I recognized her from the back of her hair and was so excited to catch up. She was one of those people you meet and you find yourself saying "me too!" over and over. Raising teenagers, trying to find time to write, etc. Katherine (or is it a C?) is a kick and I can't wait for her to put out her first book!

And books. I brought home a shit-ton. Some lucky folks will be getting their grubby hands on these prize packs over the next month where I will celebrate being thankful for a whole month.

That's it for now! I'm sitting at the airport debating on Diet Coke number two (it's only 8:30...I should be just taking off on my airplane but instead I'm waiting for it to arrive. Ironic, the last flight that left for Oakland was missing several passengers and our flight is missing a plane. Sigh. But I'm going to use this time to get some writing done. Why not? Guerilla writers use their time wisely, wherever they are.

Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance

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