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Release Day for Teacher: The Final Act...Say it ain't so! Top Five reasons we're hot for Tea

This summer has been particularly challenging for me and I didn't actually think I'd make it to push the publish button! I had a clear goal in mind when summer started: Finish two books, publish one, revisions on at least one, if not two. So I finished one and I managed to get it published... Not what I hoped for, but I had some health issues that made things a bit irritating and frustrating. But here we are. Time to say goodbye to Jesse and Danny... For Now. WARNING: SOME SPOILERS...

So many readers have sent me notes saying "I cried when it was over" "I don't want to say goodbye" "I just love these books." I giggle every time I get them because I feel the same way. For some reason these two characters and this world my twisted mind dreamed up resonated with folks. I'm not sure why, (I'd love to hear your thoughts) but I thought I'd share my thoughts and the reasons I'm hot for Teacher.

5. Jane - Danny's troubled daughter. For those of us that are children of divorce, we remember what it's like to travel back and forth from mom and dad's for the weekend. But how many actually go live with a different parent? And not completely by choice? Working in schools I got to know several kids who had major upheavals, usually in middle school, from one parent to another, and I just couldn't imagine how that would feel. Especially with a father like Danny, who was so well known and had such an interesting lifestyle. Jane struggles a bit throughout the series but at the end she's doing great. Which leads me to ponder what will happen to Jane next? I have some ideas. Maybe I could try my hand at a YA? Maybe wait until she's a little older and revisit her life? Decisions, decisions...

4. Nora - Nora was probably the character in the book I wanted to know the most. I'd love to have someone like her in my house to take care of business! She's basically the adult I hate having to be! But I hated the fact that she was alone. How to have her be there for Nora and Danny, and find love herself was a challenge. While I was writing the book, the Supreme Court decision came down declaring that gay marriage was indeed legal and attempts to deny it were unconstitutional. To me, the best way to celebrate that was for Nora to find love. I hope you all could celebrate with her, or at least accept the fact that she deserved to find love and her own HEA.

3. Jesse - Watching Jesse go from totally in-control woman who was set in her ways to completely in chaos stubborn fiance trying to manage was so much fun. I loved watching her relax. I loved seeing her get what she never thought she wanted and loving it so much she was determined to see it happen! Many of you speculated at the end of Act Two that she might be pregnant... That's not the case BUT... who knows? Perhaps in the future. The scene where she tells Danny that the doctor said it was okay to have a baby was one I wrote while doing final revisions. One of my trusty beta readers informed me that was a loose end she wanted to see tied up and BLAM! That silly little scene came to life. It was so Danny, I couldn't resist. Speaking of...

2. DANNY! Oh how I loved being able to challenge his "Mr. Bossypants" persona and also, well, allow him to indulge in his baser nature. Danny is a sexual, sensual guy. We only got to see hints of it before, but in this book he REALLY got to get it on. The KISS scene was my favorite. I think Danny is what most men would like to be able to do but either they aren't in shape to be as, er, active as Danny, or they don't have women who enjoy sex that much... Speaking of which, I really hope if you are reading this that you have an active, fun sex life now or in the very near future. It's so important for your sanity. I digress... The number one thing I enjoyed about writing The Final Act...

1. COSMO and PATRICIA. The blow up with Patricia came to me when I was halfway through writing the book. I'd been stuck for awhile and had no clue where to go. I thought about who I could mess with, and poor Patricia became the victim. Sort of. If you haven't noticed, Patricia isn't really a victim. Sure, she gets dealt some shit, but as always, Patricia is a TCB (take care of business) kinda gal, so when she decides to take care of business at the end... Who else was the perfect guy for her to grab up? You may have guessed at what story I am itching to tell... I already have it planned, just not sure when I will get to it because I keep hearing "when are we getting more Maggie's Bones?" So we'll revisit the Bones first, then get to know Abra and Kelly, who I KNOW you will love. In their story you'll also get to visit with some old friends you may be wondering about.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me and STAY TUNED FOR MORE ROCK 'N' ROMANCE!

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