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Pushing that Publish Button

Tonight I pushed the Publish button on Amazon for the third time. On March 13th I will unleash Danny Black on the world and I can't wait for you all to meet him. This novel is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. It was the third full length novel I wrote and as I got further into the story, I realized it had to be three parts. There was just too much that Danny and the lovely dancer-turned-teacher Jesse Martin had to experience. I'm going to be doing a lot to celebrate this story over the next month including a release party, author takeovers, and giveaways, but tonight I am sitting in quiet reflection on the process of publishing my third novel. (When I say quiet, that is quiet in between interruptions from my son showing me his favorite youtube weirdo Tobuskus and my daughter squealing over homework.) I published my first novel, Haunted, in November of last year and it was a nerve-wracking experience. I had very little clue as to what I was doing and how publishing on Amazon would change my life. The changes might not seem like much...More time spent on social media promoting, learning new skills in technical and marketing areas, improving myself as a writer and storyteller, and most life changing, making new amazingly supportive friends. I'm selling a few books, I'm getting some good reviews, but mostly I'm just excited that people are reading and enjoying something that I pulled out of my creepy brain. It's just also strange to me that I've embarked on this new journey that I never anticipated being part of my life. Jesse Martin, my main character in Teacher, experiences something similar. Jesse was a dancer, like I was, and for a very long time that defined her. Circumstances beyond her control changed that course and she set off on a new, equally fulfilling course. While I don't ever see myself leaving my day job as a real-life teacher, I have set off on a new, equally fulfilling course and I am enjoying the ride. I hope you will continue to enjoy the ride with me. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me!

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