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Thank you for visiting and welcome! I'm a mom, teacher, and music enthusiast. I love writing stories full of love, hope, and rock 'n' roll where folks from all walks of life find their happily ever after. I write contemporary, paranormal, and historical horror romance with quirky characters, real-life issues, and awkward interludes. If you dig stories that will simultaneously make you laugh and awwww, then this is the place for you! Check out the books, join the mailing list, or drop me a line. I love interacting with other readers and music lovers. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and I live here currently with two teens, two cats, a dog, a snake, a bunch of fish, and the most patient husband on the planet. I teach high school by day, and by night I'm Mom Uber. I'm a guerilla writer who can be found penning passionate stories anywhere I am warm and dry and they have a steady supply of Diet Coke. Come play with me!

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About The Author

Once upon a time... a teacher, tattoo collector, mom, and rock ’n’ roll kinda gal opened up a doc and started purging her demons. Several self-published books and a debut gay romance with Dreamspinner Press later, R.L. Merrill is still striving to find that perfect balance between real life and happily ever after. She writes stories set in the places she loves most, such as Hollywood, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Northern California—and Iowa. Ro also loves connecting with other authors online, at conventions, and chapter meetings for the Romance Writers of America, of which she’s been a member since 2014. Stay Tuned for more Rock 'n' Romance!

What readers are saying...
From Publisher's Weekly:
TYPHOON TOBY: "With a strong plot, an expertly crafted cast of supporting characters, and deep empathy, Merrill’s novel will keep readers hooked."

HAUNTED:  "I couldn’t help but feel as though I was experiencing a weird cosmic connection to the story and the characters and I HIGHLY recommend this novel as a romance genre read, one with punch and depth!!"

Cyndi - The Book Enthusiast



 HAUNTED: "I haven't been so upset to not be able to hang out with fictional characters since I read Harry Potter, and

that's saying a lot."



HURRICANE REESE: "A great read with lots of feels. Ms. Merrill tackles some serious topics such as Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family as well as coming out when you come from a culture at this steeped in machismo and religion. She handles both respectful and this is only one of the reasons I love this book. Definitely worth the read."

WB - Amazon Review 


TEACHER: "R.L. Merrill writes in a way that makes you feel like you are in her book and that these are not just characters, they are friends. This book was beautifully written and edited. I haven't found a book that made me react like this for a long time.
I cannot wait to read all of R.L. Merrill's books now, and I would highly encourage anyone reading this review to grab a copy and hang on for the ride!"

MARY B. - Amazon Review



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